Sunday, 3 May 2015

Restore, Ride, Fettle, Ride, Fix at roadside, Ride, Fettle...

So of the course the latest little jaunt around the countryside heralded the same old problems with the front brake...

No obvious overheating this time, but only because I was watching for it and acutely aware of the vibration from the front forks. Resting my gloved hand softly on the lever, you can feel that sometimes it is tight and sometimes not. Sometimes there is a lot of play at the lever - I suspect it is not returning too well. Parked up, I backed off the cable a couple of turns and it felt much better.

So back in the workshop, the cable is obviously too long. It doesn't run down smoothly through the yokes, and it feels a bit dry:

We'll look at getting a new pair of shoe return springs, but for a start let's sort that cable out. No going back now:

This is how you fill up the nipple with solder. You want to avoid it running down the cable, and you need to be careful to avoid excessive heat.

More cable making information here.

Oh, and the speedo needle is sticking again:

But she still looks nice in period surroundings, albeit with a bit of PhotoShop!

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