Saturday, 18 February 2017

W/NG progress

Progress on the W/NG is slowing down as I near completion, so much so that I need to write it down to get a handle on where I am...

  1. Engine - running, but no other work done 
  2. Ignition - Magneto working; HT system overhauled
  3. Fuel - Carburetter float bowl replaced & fuel lines made
  4. Exhaust - exhaust clamp remade but needs replacing with a bigger one
  5. Charging - dynamo rebuilt; battery replaced; regulator not working
  6. Electrics & instruments  - made a new wiring harness; replaced the missing speedo and made the brackets. The horn doesn't work - it clicks, so the switch & supply is OK - it needs cleaning & adjusting.
  7. Cycle parts - relined both brakes; brake pedal stop is missing & I need to make a new one; lower chain guard is missing; I have a plunger chain guard but need to modify the brackets for a rigid frame
  8. Tool boxes - both tool boxes knobs replaced but the female threads in the box need repair as both have been drilled for M8.
  9. Lubrication - sludge trap needs cleaning
I'm sure there is more, but for now that will sum it up. there are a few jobs (chainguard, brake pedal stop, tool boxes) that need welding. More of that, and my new TIG welder, in the next post.

Missing pedal stop

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