Thursday, 3 May 2018


Riding my W/NG around the yard the other day, wearing completely inappropriate clothing was quite enjoyable - sun out, gloves off etc. Getting home I noticed a bit of damage to the elastic sides on my old RM Williams boots:

I realized they were chafing on the end of the clutch cable end, which has no boot. Since this is a 1942 bike, it should have a rubber boot over the whole clutch arm:

Here's one I bought on eBay:

These are not too tricky to fit, but fitting will surely let you know whether the boot you have is a good quality one by splitting when you draw it back over the clutch arm. First, remove the clutch cable and slip the boot over the arm. Then, push the small end of the open end of the arm, exposing the slot where the cable fits like this:

Put the cable nipple back in the slot, and you can winkle the rubber back over the nipple, covering it completely:

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