Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Out & about on the CX

I'm happy to say that the 1978 Honda CX500 is out and about again after I sorted out the front brake and replaced the fork oil. It's been off the road for a while after some tyres, refurbishment, camshaft / rev counter investigation and the repair of the broken caliper bleed nipples.

It rides really nicely on its new Avon AM26 tyres and it positively flies compared to my SQ4 - but it is also very tall and the riding position feels cramped due to the way it makes you bend your ankles.

Cley, North Norfolk

It's got a couple of problems - the tail lights don't work though I have brake lights and indicators, and the starter circuit has a wiring fault. The system demands the clutch is disengaged, even if the bike is in neutral.

Both faults are a feature of this mess:

I've stripped the tape off the harness here - looks like a previous owner let it chafe through and then bodged it together...

More when I fix it.

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