Friday, 14 August 2015

More on the new tank

As reported a few weeks ago, the replacement tank for the Ariel is coming up for it's turn on the bench. Or is it...

It's back from the blasters now and not unexpectedly it is a bit of a state. The bottom has been removed to blast the inside, and the next few months will see a bit of tin bashing & welding, to put this lot right.

Here are the pictures:

Picture 1 - Offside Rear

Picture 2 - Saddle Nose, Offside

Picture 3 - Saddle Nose, Nearside

Picture 4 - Rear View

Picture 5 - Front Offside

Picture 6 - Front Nearside

Picture 7 - Underneath

Picture 8 - Offside

Picture 9 - tap area

Picture 10 - Brazed Mount

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