Saturday, 22 March 2014

More Goodies from Draganfly

This week, I have been mostly working... and shopping, getting ready for the top end rebuild. a few more parts from Drags and Acme, for the Square (and one, a secret one, for the Huntmaster). Otto head gaskets, rocker oil pipes, rocker oil pipe banjo bolt newly available from Acme, and the rocker cover locating pins lost during bead blasting.

And some more

And this, for the future. this is the strainer for the FH, recently available from Clay at Acme Stainless.

And a blast from the past:

The railway straight at Brooklands. Wonderful, magical place, right next to my office.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Fairly quiet on the Ariel front...

I have this old thing in my shed - as you can see it is an MZ TS250/1, as shown on one of the blog pages. I have been tinkering with it to try and make space for an Ariel...

But there is not much happening on the Square at the moment. Amelia now has her clutch cable fitted and the clutch lifts nicely - it is surprising light, but then I do not have the springs fully tightened up yet. The cable will need some lubrication - we msutn't forget that.

I've also fitted up the front brake cable - Length is good, but the adjuster block needed a little easing to get the cable in the slot. Soldering next time.

The next big job is to get ready for the cyclinder head. I will need:
  • head gaskets
  • a carburetter stud
  • one of the locating pins for the rocker cover
  • some time
Hopefully I will get to that within the next week or two, but there is business travel on the horizon...