Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Distributor - All done!

So, this weekend we finished off the distributor and did some easy jobs, painting one or two electrical pieces.

We also had a bit of an eBay-Fest, and got some good bits from John Mitchell

These two are the distributor cap again. If you look at the one on the left, you'll see the wire staples we put in have now been covered with an epoxy putty (free of metal fillers and non-conducting - thanks to the advice of the AOMCC members!). In the right picture, we've filed, sanded & painted the putty to match the rest of the distributor cap.

Here are a few more views of the finished distributor. It's been fully stripped down & cleaned. Painted parts have been re-painted, plated parts have been cleaned of any corrosion and replaced. The capacitor has been refitted, but we have no means of testing it so it may need some attention later. There is no evidence of pitting on the points though.

Last thing before we go back to work - the ignition switch and coil. The coil checks out on the meter, and has just been cleaned and repainted. The ignition switch has been stripped, cleaned and painted and a new key made from some scrap brass.

Next step - the headlamp!

In the meantime, eBay has come up trumps with original front mudguard, rear mudguard and lower chainguard. John Mitchell has sent a clutch lever (for the gearbox) and the offside footrest support, and we have one or two more original spanners for the toolkit.

More next week when the parcels arrive!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Here is the broken corner of the cap. The plan is that we will repair it with a metal loaded filler - we've fitted brass wires to small holes drilled in the cap, to act as a reinforcement for the filler... at least, that is the plan...

Here's the body again. It's been dismantled, degreased, primed & painted. The original screws, labels & cap clips have been cleaned up & refitted. The cam and auto advance have been cleaned, polished & lubricated. Looking good.

Monday, 21 November 2011

First parts in the workshop

This is first part up for refurbishment. It's the Lucas DKX4A distributor, it's all present and correct, but the there is a chunk missing from the cap. The bearings are good though!