Sometimes I get to talking to people about my bikes, and want to show them some pictures. Normally I reach for my phone and head to the blog - and the only picture I can find is of a carburetter float, a broken bolt or some obscure tool.

I though I would make a page to show some general views of present and past bikes.

Here's the first - my 50 cc 1977 Casal Phantom 5, bought in early 1979 from D.C. Butler Motorcycles in Bishop's Stortford, who are still going after 40 years.

Here's a google picture of one, so you can see what it looks like:

My second bike, bought new again from D.C. Butler - a 1979 Honda CB125T2:

Looking badass at 17, with some mates:

The 125 was replaced with the brilliant CB250RS in 1981 - mine was black. Again from D.C. Butler...

This was traded privately a year or so later for this little gem, a 1977 CB400F:

The classic bug was showing. Stupidly I traded the Honda for an SR500 a bit like this, a 1976 model I think. It ate spark plugs and was a pig to start.

I traded it for this GS750 within a month or two.

I used the Suzuki for commuting for ages. In the meantime, this came along. It's story is here:

And then the lovely April, my AJS Model 30. Her story is here:

And then there was no biking for a very long time, 20 odd years in fact...

And then the world invented eBay, and this came. Beattie's story is here:

And then there was Amelia, where this blog began.

The CycleMaster was fun for a while:

And this was a little fill in project - another fun bike, I'd have another if one came along:

The brilliant W/NG, great for Norfolk lanes:

And the next project, the 650 Huntmaster from 1958:

At some point it may look like this...

More recently, this came along:

It was to be my modern bike, a 1978 Honda CX500. I did a bit of renovation and decided that what bored me in the early 80's was still boring me today. I sold it - but it looked a lot better when it went.

This is a 1988 Honda QR50, a mini-motocrosser for the kids. It might look like it is all together but when it arrived it was a pile of knackered parts:

It took 18 months to get it looking like this:

And of course, I can't let 2020 go by without buying another Ariel. This is my oldest bike, a 1930 Ariel Model A, a 557 cc side valve single:

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