Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Oil Filter

Here chaps & chapesses is a small deviation to our Square Four restoration - an oil filter. This is an aftermarket filter housing intended for a Commando - it uses a standard spin-on filter cartridge.

I'm mounting it under the gearbox, between the frame tubes on a steel sheet metal barcket, mounted on the engine/gearbox tie studs.

It mounts with two 5/16" UNF screws, which I have purchased in stainless.

Right now, it's too high. I want it high, since we have a lot of sleeping policemen (speed bumps) around here, and twatting the oil filter on a bump doesn't sound like a particularly good way of improving engine life. However, having it this high means I can't undo the filter cartridge!

So, I plan to modify the bracket to drop the whole assembly about 1 1/2", such that I have clearance to get the cartridge off but it is also pretty high.

But, all that is going to have to wait for a bit, because I have no oil pipe. and since I have no oil pipe, I cannot decide how to route the pipe and I cannot decide on the final location for the filter.

Another job on hold.

The cartridge I used here was the the EMGO 10-26910 for the Commando (about 55 mm tall); you can use the Champion COF103101S (used on Citroen cars), which is taller (about 77 mm tall). 

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