Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Engine Progress!

I have news on the engine! I spoke to Bernard at Ashpole's today, and we have a progress report:
  • The block, old head, and cases have been degreased
  • The old head has been bead blasted ready for sale
  • The timing side mains are in. Bernard is going to grind the journals 5 thou under since they are slightly oval and tapered - and since he is doing that, which will contaminate the old roller mains, he will fit the new ones.
  • He is dealing with the worn camshaft journal
  • There are two options with the broken fin on the block - one is to make a replacement fin and tack it in at each end; the other is to build it up from the root with weld. He is getting a quote on the second option.
  • Unfortunately, during stripping one of the tappet blocks proved to be stuck. Three of them fell out, the fourth fought to the end:
Fortunately Drags appear to have replacements!

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