Monday, 2 September 2019

QR50 Footrests

You might recall a previous post where I discovered a wadge of polyester filler  covering some accident damage to the footrest mounts of our Honda QR50 Mini-Moto:

This is in the lower frame rails, which are a removable structure designed to protect the engine and provide a mounting for the footrests - it should look like this:

So, arming myself with the TIG welder and a bit of 16 mm OD x 2 mm WT ERW steel tube, I've added some short stubs:

The black paint is some high zinc content weldable primer. The next step, when I have the footrest return springs is to make the folding footrest mounts and the footrests themselves. Right now, I have these pattern rubber footrests which are quite similar to the ones used on the QR50 - these are meant for a CG125:

Looking better; small, but perfectly formed:

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