Thursday, 15 March 2012

So, where are we?

This is going to be the most boring blog post ever. It's sole purpose is to try to force my thoughts to coalesce into a course of action.

To summarise where we are - the rear suspension (apart from the stand mounts and the spring) is done and the back wheel is on. The gearbox could be bolted if I were to determine which studs I had and which were missing.

The fork legs are together, but I don't have the tools to screw the seal housings in place and one of the seal housings is dented - no matter though, I will fix that when I do the Phase 2 cosmetic rebuild. One of the top shrouds has a large hole in it - again, one for Phase 2. The yokes are together, but I am missing the fixed plate for the steering damper and the handlebars - both on back order from Drags.

So, if I had the puller for the fork legs, and the handlebars I could put the forks together in the frame; if I had the bolt for the brake plate (the torque reaction bolt) I could put the front wheel on; if I had all the bolts for the mudguards I could fit them, and then I could start mudguard welding.

So I need:

  • front brake torque bolt
  • front & rear mudguard bolts
  • an assortment of nuts & washers
  • fork leg puller & oil seal holder tool
  • the bolt for the steering damper fixed plate
I need a trip to Drags... roll out the Bantam!

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  1. Charlie,

    Enjoying following your blog. Come and say hello again on the Bantam Forum when you get chance.