Thursday, 8 March 2012

A leap ahead

Well, the sun is out, the old MZ TS125 is going for it's MOT and the tools are all out in the garden. At the end of the work day I'm needing some distraction and there are some Ariel stand parts lying around in the office... why not fit up?

The new stand with it's stainless fasteners goes on easily, so let's try the rear wheel in place:
The stand spring stud doesn't fit though, unless I have misunderstood. There is no undercut on the stud and a full depth tapped hole in the frame (more work for the 3/8" CEI taps), so it won't screw fully home. Looks good from the offside as well though. We also now know that the G1/99 double ended tube spanner in the toolkit needs to be 5/8" BSW, at least at one end...

And with the gearbox in place maybe we are OK with the chain alignment. It looks fine from this rudimentary view, but the problem is supposed to be with the clutch and the primary chain, so maybe we are not out of the woods yet!

Then we can lay the un-repaired mudguard over the top. It is now obvious where the stays, the lifting handle and the frame bolts fit. It is also obvious that the bracket on the top is for a dual seat that we won't need. another missing part springs to light though, it looks like two of the QD hub nuts are missing. The chalk 'X's', by the way, are cracks that have yet to be repaired!

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