Monday, 14 May 2012

Back to the weld shop...

With the rear mudguard mounted and the forks in place, it's time to look at the front.

You haven't seen the mudguard I bought from eBay, but it is an original Ariel guard from I think 1953. Luckily it came with the correct aluminium number plate but, like the rear guard it is full of holes.

Here are some 'before' pictures:

There is a nice brass dealer plate. This bike was originally supplied  to Marcel Hallet, of Canterbury.
As usual, we have a fatigue fracture around the mounting thoughtfully chalked in by the eBay seller.
Then a series of pictures showing how the folded seam has rusted out from the inside
This is the worst of it. About 8" of the seam on the nearside has parted company. We will either weld this up & fill with weld or patch from the inside. The side panels are quite sound and will form a strong base to weld to.
And, matching fatigue fracture on the other side.

Time to break out the MIG set again!


  1. Dear Charlie Ceng very excited to read your blog as my son and I are also rebuilding a 1951 Ariel Square Four can we keep in touch ?

    I am also replacing the front mudguard but have only got the pre 1951 one so I have to fit the detachable centre stay so have ordered the part from Dragonfly but I also need to have the lugs brazed or welded on the mudguard any ideas ?

    Do you have the original Solex carb as I have just had to buy one and they are very scarce ?

    Regards Andrew Dunnington

    1. Great to hear from you Andrew - I'd be very happy to keep in touch. I've had some fantastic help from other AOMCC members since I started my SQ4 project, and I hope I've helped a few people out as well.

      I do have the original Solex - or at least most of it. The air bell is missing and I don't think I have a cable bracket; and the whole bistarter knob is missing as well.

  2. Dear Charlie any chance you could show me close up how the front mudguard stay at the bottom of the valanced mudguard fits pls ?

  3. Sorry, you mean the mudguard end of the front stand? You mean, can I show a picture of how the stand bolts up inside the wide part at the bottom of the mudguard?

    Happy to - whatever you need. Just let me know!

  4. Yes pls I am told there is a bracket that is integral to the mudguard and I need to make one ?

  5. Marcel Hallet was the owner of Hallets of Canterbury.
    Hope that helps.

    M Hallet

  6. And presumably you have a family connection? We'd love to see some pictures if you have any, and I'd be pleased to publish them here!

  7. Ive got lots of photo of the garage. Send me your email address and I will forward some on to you. Yes there is a connection. I am his great grandson with the same name.

  8. That's great! I would like to post one or two on my blog if you don't mind? My email address is