Saturday, 19 May 2012

Front Mudguard & Stands

Here she is in all her slightly less moth-eaten-than-last-month glory...

Front mudguard, first trial fit - looks fine. That stay is slightly bent though, and the front stand bolts (to the fork leg) are also wrong. They shouldn't be plain machine screws as fitted at the moment. Or should they?
Rear view. Looking good. Front stay bolt hole looks stretched/bodged.
Side stand, first trial fit. Needs the primary case to locate the short end of the spring, but coming on. Not sure I would want to use it though, looks rather wobbly.
Here's my triumphant shot of the rear stand spring - all working now. I have scraped up the huge pile of pennies from the shed floor, released from the spring when I used it the first time.

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  1. Dear Amelia Squariel by sheer chance my son and I are also rebuilding a 1951 Ariel Square Four and would very much like to share all your knowledge on the front mudguard you have a fixed centre stay which according to Dragonfly's notes make it 1951 not 1953 or have misread the photos hope to hear from you regards Andrew Dunnington