Friday, 26 October 2018

Looking at what we've got...

With the engine on the bench we can have a good look at what we have.

First issue: one of the primary case bolts is broken in the crankcase. We probably won't be using these cases (I have the original crankcases elsewhere, these are not them!) I may not worry about this - but I will probably remove the bolt just for the fun of it. What's worse is the state of those splines:

Nothing untoward here - that hole is for a blanking plug (thanks to Simon Gardiner, AOMCC, for that bit of information)

The sump plate, filter and studs are all missing:

Looks like it has most of it's original screws:

Long magneto bolt:

Unfortunately it appears we have a broken fin on the front of the cylinder head. This may have been caused in a shunt since this is where the head steady bolts on I think.

Bird's eye view of the rocker box:

General views of the engine:

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