Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Timing chest

These are the weapons we'll use to attack the timing cover. The original screws are all intact and most of them are in pretty good shape. I'd ground my largest impact driver bit to fit in the screwhead recesses without causing damage:

Half an hour later. Beats me why people insist in putting gasket sealer in screw holes.

A general view. No obvious horrors so far:

This is the early Mazak pump. Take a close look at the upper mounting bolt - there appears to be some little gremlin sitting on to of the pump. I wonder what that is?

The dynamo drive:

I thought this chain was supposed to be endless?

Before I start cleaning this up, let's have a look at the magneto & the auto advance unit. In this video, I have not attempted to remove the auto advance from the magneto. That movement is all in the AA unit and the magneto spindle:

Oh dear...

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