Friday, 26 October 2018

Avoiding injury...

Planning the FH rebuild I could see i was going to have a problem with lifting the engine onto the bench and having no wish to impose any pain on my long-suffering wife by enlisting her help, or injure my back  by not enlisting her help, I decided that a hoist was in order. I bought this 1000 kg chain hoist from eBay and fastened it to a heavy piece of pipe in my roof beams. The hoist will do a 2.5 metre lift:

After finishing the chair repairs you see in the picture above, I lifted the engine onto the bench to start work using the hoist, which made short work of the lift and saved my back. I lifted it using the top gearbox stud which put the centre of gravity more or less in the right place for a level lift:

Some while back I bought an engine stand and described it in this blog post:

It's quite flexible. I decided to use one of the lower front engine mounts and one of the rear engine mounts; I made sure the stand was aligned with the engine centre line to keep it balanced. Using the hoist, it was easy to get the engine upright once the stand was in place:

Here it is, ready for some inspection & a bit of dismantling:

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