Thursday, 14 June 2012

Broken Bantam

Regular readers may have noticed that there has been a wanton lack of progress on the Ariel lately... as I mentioned earlier, the Bantam has decided that it doesn't like it's crankshaft.

We were out for a nice little bimble about, such as can only be found in North Norfolk's finest countryside, when she started clattering and misfiring. After the usual carburetter cleaning, plug gapping etc. and a couple more miles with enforced stops, I turned to the points only to find the cover very loose and the screws backing themselves out.

So I pull it all apart, and find myself with the flywheel in the road:

This signalled end of play for that day, and for the first time she came home on a truck. Several weeks of DIY activity plus a trip to Houston and a busy time at work followed, until last weekend we had the engine out & stripped.

It's now on it's way to Rex Caunt Racing to have the mainshaft replaced.

Hopefully, since the Bantam is down (but not out) we'll get some Ariel time this weekend!

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