Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Feeling Pumped Now...

Except that, having removed the cyclinder base nuts in the hope that I can lift the cylinder and head together and then knock the head off from inside one of the cylinders, the block still won't shift.
So I try and turn the engine over in the vain hope that compression will break a weak base gasket joint, and then realise that as I have removed the dynamo the primary chain effectively jams the camshaft in place and I can't get it to turn over at all.

So, I must finish the job of dismantling the timing gear and the oil pump.

As I mentioned a day or two ago, the oil pump tab washers are not done up:

Not that you can see them very well in that picture. However, the pump comes off without any drama, though it is pretty tight on the studs. Here's the pump body, nicely marked '51, so it's probably the original. Slightly wobbly surface near the bottom edge:
Here are the plungers, nothing too nasty there. Some wear and light scoring - we will see what they look like with a micrometer on them later. I have nothing at the moment to measure the bores, and I will have to look at what I think the clearances ought to be since the only data I can find in Mr. Waller's book is for the singles.

Lastly, here is the whole pump ready for inspection. The check valve caps seem very stiff and whilst they appear to work I am reluctant to remove them. I really should inspect them and their seats though.

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  1. Really looking forward to this progressing !

    My main concern is:

    a) that you are flying along compared to me ! and b) clearly way more capable than me :-)