Friday, 5 October 2012

Can't stand the pressure...

Now, I have acquired a few bore gauges and this evening I have broken out the trusty old Moore & Wright micrometer and I have measured my oil pump. Here are the dimensions:
  • Return bore diameter = 0.499" - 0.500"
  • Return plunger diameter = 0.499"-0.4995"
  • Feed bore diameter = 0.437"-0.438"
  • Feed plunger diameter = 0.436"-0.4365"
Now, seeing as Mr Waller specified 0-1 thou clearance for the singles, I reckon my pump is in pretty good shape. I have max 2 thou clearance on the feed side and max 1 thou on the return.

The drive block is a different story. I have a block that varies 0.561-0.5635"; the 'groove' the block runs in on the feed plunger is 0.573 - up to 12 thou clearance. The return side is better, about 0.570, or max 9 thou clearance.

What do you all think of that? Good to go back in the engine?

I also took the opportunity to flatten the mating face - you will recall there were some little wobbles on the thin bottom edge. All gone now:

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