Saturday, 25 February 2017

Chained for Safety

Various bits of my W/NG are supposed to be chained in place to avoid loss in the field, like the fuel and oil caps and the toolbox lid. Having looked around for the right sort of chain, and not found anything suitable I set about making some.

I figured that I could weave figure-8s from brass wire and solder them together, so I made a hairpin jig out of some 4 mm rod, thinking this would give me a nominally 1/4" chain by the time the loops had sprung apart:

Holding this in the vice, with enough of the legs protruding for me to make a couple of links, I set about weaving:

And some more, pushing down and extending the legs as I went:

When I had made 5 links, and pushing them links down the legs was getting difficult, I stopped and cut the ends of the links. I cut twice on each link, to make sure the loops were equal and that the ends butted down onto the middle wire. I used a regular hacksaw for the prototype:

Here's how they look:

I wanted each link to have a right angle twist, so I twisted them with pliers:

Next job, hook them together and close them up

Make a lot more...

And here's the petrol cap chained in:

Here's the oil tank cap with its original chain, sent to me by JΓΈrgen Andersen of the AOMCC, all the way from Denmark:

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