Saturday, 20 July 2019

Starting Young - Honda QR50

It seems to be a year for buying old red Hondas. First the 1978 CX500, now this:

Under that horrible red poster paint is a Honda QR50 from the early 1980's (probably 1983) which is a mini-crosser with Honda Express running gear. One day it may look like this:

It looks pretty scabby, and it looks like the rear suspension has collapsed. It is now in a pile of bits, but over the next few months son Thomas and I will get it ready for my grandchildren to ride!

There's an extra tube in that sub-frame

Break out the paint stripper!

Who cuts a chunk out of a tyre? no wait - I've done that myself. Must be rock hard

That cylinder head looks toast...

Why O why do people insist on stripping the engine and then leaving it for years?
This is the engine/transmission unit, assembled - not ours, a reference picture from Google. You can see the two 'swinging arm' bearings behind the cylinder:

Excellent parts lists here:

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