Monday, 24 October 2011

Welcome to your new home!

This is Amelia... She is a 1951 Ariel Square Four Mk1 and she is my 50th birthday present! The engine turns over, she has good compression but there are a couple of broken fins...

Here are some pictures of Ariel parts. You can see the gearbox and the oil & petrol tanks, the forks are all there as well.

Most of it is there. You can see the clutch and the chain guard, the toolbox, the headlight which is correct & complete & most of the rear suspension components No mudguards or rear stand though, but we do have all the stays and the sidestand. There is a biscuit tin full of small parts - but it is only a small tin! I think we will be looking for a lot of items...

No footrests or speedo either. We'll see if we can find originals before we look at repro parts. See that two into one exhaust pipe? looks like someone had a sidecar at some time in her life!

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  1. Hello,
    How is AMELIA right now? Hopefully she is more pretty than at the first time coming to her new home.