Thursday, 23 May 2013

Resting my weary feet...

Working around the oil tank & oil lines, I need to be sure that everything in that congested area is in before I can say I've completed work for Phase 1.

Fitting the footrest mounts in place, it is clear we have a few problems though they are easily fixed. These type of issues demonstrate clearly why a mechanical - only rebuild is necessary on a bike which is in pieces.

Take a look at the picture of the RH footrest hanger - it is clearly pointing to the rear of the bike and has perhaps unsurprisingly been bent at some time.

The left hand hanger, the one that passes through the primary case is nice and straight (it is a new pattern part) but unfortunately the anti-rotation lug on the engine plate does not fit in the cut out machined for it - easily fixed with a file, but not something you would want to find when it is just back from the powder-coater. And remember the Bantam fork legs - powder coat, if that is what you are going to use, is very thick and we will need extra clearance adding for the thickness of the paint.

Here's that footrest in a better place, after a session with the Rothenberger. We also have a clutch lever boot, making it's first appearance on the blog.

Easy job - grasp the end in the vice using the handy bolt hole, and heat the area you want to move to cherry red. Use a stout tube, Stillson, ring spanner or whatever suits your purpose and you can heave it back into place - don't hit it, bend it gradually using all your He-Man (Master of the Universe) strength and if you have it hot enough it will move easily and in a controlled fashion.

Let it cool, trial fit, go through the process again if necessary.

Oh and by the way - the other valuable lesson I learned was that no, the footrest rod spacer won't go in if the engine is in. One for the future, that one.

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