Saturday, 15 June 2013

Just to assimilate thoughts on the bottom end...

An empty but patient crankcase
Not a very exciting blog post, but it will help me to figure out where I am on the engine rebuild...

So, the state of play this morning:
  1. The cases are fully machined, clean and partially polished.
  2. The connecting rods have new bushes and shells and have been polished. New nuts are available.
  3. The crankshafts are machined and cleaned, and I have the new oil way plugs available
  4. The camshaft has been machined & cleaned
  5. I have the coupling gear cover polished, the coupling gears and their seals & bearings ready and I have a new gasket and a set of studs and nuts from Acme Stainless. I also have a coupling gear 'pusher' to help me pull the crankshafts through the coupling gears.
Front crankshaft during stripdown
So I need to do these things next:
  1. Finish polishing the cases
  2. Assemble the crankshafts & connecting rods
  3. Assemble the crankshafts & camshaft into the cases
  4. Fit the bottom end into the bike
  5. Assemble the coupling gears and fit the cover - filling it with oil through the overflow hole
And I need to make these decisions:
  1. Decide what building lubricant to use
  2. Decide how to torque up the big end nuts
  3. Decide what sealant I am going to use on the crankcases
  4. Decide what oil I am going to use
I'm sure there is more...

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