Saturday, 19 October 2013

Coil Mounting

One thing I'm puzzled by, and other restorers of Square Fours if the AOMCC forum is anything to go by, is where the coil is mounted.

There's no definitive answer here at the moment, but this post is here to record what I have observed over the last couple of years research.

The most telling pictures are from bikes that have been dragged from barns, unrestored. Unfortunately none of the pictures clearly show the coil mounting on early bikes, only hinting at where the coil is. This post is also worth a look, as is this one.

Here we go.
Restored 1951 bike with coil on bracket behind battery

Restored 1952 bike with no evidence of bracket behind battery - I've no picture of the under seat area on this bike

Restored 1952 bike with coil on mudguard

Unrestored 1949 machine with coil on mudguard. Unknown bracket behind battery. 
Unrestored 1951 bike with coil on bracket behind battery & hitherto unknown regulator shield & brake pedal stop

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  1. Perhaps there are supposed to be two mounting locations on the bike, one behind the battery for when the mudguard isn't in place and one on the mud guard for when it is in place. If you notice on the last image of the 1951 it does not have a mudguard. I'd think the people at the Ariel plant knew some individuals would remove the mud guards or they would get damaged and so they planned on more than one mounting location.