Monday, 19 May 2014

Exhausts... Left or right, big or small?

So I have these lovely pipes from Feked... But which way round do they go? I also have the square head bolts and their brackets from acme, and they just make the puzzle worse:

Timing side. Small kink?
Or big kink?
Drive side. Big kink?
Or small kink?
With the small kink on the drive side the pipe appears to sit inside the brake pedal and prop stand more neatly, and the big kink on the timing side allows the pipe to sit inside the swing of the kickstart. 

Is that right?


  1. Ha, that's funny, my pipe on the drive side is a straight one....on the timing side it's kinky though :-)
    I think you should retry when you have the dome on the clutch fitted which might change things a bit
    cheers, Kees

    1. Thanks for replying Kees, I was hoping someone with a Mk1 would give me some guidance. So do you think the big kink on the timing side is right?



  2. Yeah on my dads 48 the fitting on the second picture, the big kink running under the gearbox on the side of the distributor (Timing side) was how his was set-up, likewise the one on the battery side(Drive side) was nearly straight like in the fourth. Though his pipes are rusted through, and were custom made as well, it was still clear why they did so. It's so that the pipe running under the gear box is out of the way of the kick start lever and not be scratched, dinged, and otherwise damaged when you start the bike.

    1. That's great information Sypoth, thanks. On your Dad's bike, do you have the small bracket holding the pipes in place? I have one long and one short, but which is which...

    2. The pipes on his have flanges that are welded to the back side and extend upwards, these bolt to the same rod the foot rests do. Not sure what you mean by brackets, keep in mind his is a 47 4G frame number XP1765 and a 48 engine and gearbox engine number CJ659 and G49E48. Similarly I believe his was one of the few that left the factory with a paint scheme that wasn't red and black, the underlying paint is a UK code for oriental blue and it's over a silver base coat. This is the coat that shows through in many of the places on the bike just before it goes to bare metal.
      Considering this Bike has only had 2 maybe 3 owners and the previous owner did all the paint and modifications themselves and the Candy apple red paint was literally laid over the blue paint combined with the matched paint code I think it's safe to say that the blue was the original paint. I don't have access to the original licensure for the bike so I cannot say for certain but it's a pretty safe bet.