Monday, 4 April 2016

A Few Little Jobs before the Summer starts

So rounding off the winter activity, I have cleaned the new/old fuel tank to get it ready for use. Whilst I am at it, there are a few service activities to carry out, and I best make a list to get them identified and make sure I don't forget!

Here we go:
  1. Take the tank off and transfer all the parts onto the new tank
  2. Torque down the head nuts again
  3. Rotate the distributor to give the carburetter more clearance.
  4. Fit the carburetter insulator
  5. Ignition service, while the plugs are out and the distributor is apart. Ignition at TDC, points at 0.012" and plugs at 0.020"
  6. Tappets, while the tank is off and after re-torquing the head - 0.001" inlet and exhaust, with a cold engine.
  7. Fit the new tank, and make sure the balance pipe doesn't leak.
  8. Road test & oil change
  9. Fit the cable clips to the headstock
  10. Make and fit the proper cable clip to the front mudguard
I'd better buy an oil filter. Now which oil shall I use????

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