Sunday, 7 May 2017

Changing the Oil

As you all know, the W/NG has not been in my hands for long. As we know little of its past, we need to do a oil & filter change, 1940's style.

First off, we need to remove the sump plate to drain the crankcase and get some access to the sump strainer:

It's normally held in place with four 1/4" BSW hex screws, wired in place. No wire here! Removing the screws, I'm a little concerned that two come out with the proper 1/4" BSW spanner, and two come out with a 10 mm spanner.

I shouldn't have been concerned though, I have seen imperial fasteners with heads filed to fit metric spanners before on this bike, and these are no exception - all 1/4" BSW:

The strainer looks good too. We'll clean that before it goes back:

It looks like the scavenge pump is working, as there is nothing in the sump:

I'm going to leave the oil draining for a while and I want to make sure the whole system is drained, so I have disconnected the two oil lines at the timing chest:

This is how the lubrication system works:

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