Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Know what this is, my fellow Ariel-junkies?

This is a Triumph 3HW. Know what carburetter that is? It's a Amal 276AD/1J. Why am I telling you this? Look at this picture:

Yes folks, that is also an Amal 276AD/1J, fitted where my Ariel's 275B/1J should be. This is interesting, because this is the carburetter my bike came to me with, and it is jetted (120) as the 275 would have been; the larger 276 would have used a 150 - to match its 1" choke (the original W/NG carburetter would have been 7/8"). No doubt this came from another of the thousands of military bikes floating around in Italy, or some ARAR compound when my bike's original 275 was pinched or wore out - or maybe it was changed by the Army whilst the machine was in service. We'll see what cutaway & needle jet it has when we get it apart.

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