Friday, 4 October 2019

Sprucing up the CX

You might remember a few weeks ago I mentioned that the CX500 has very old tyres, amongst other faults. It's now wearing a set of Avon AM26 Road Riders, a tyre I have been keen to try out; these are the same size as I would fit to the Square Four, so this is a kind of test for that too since Amelia's tyres are 6-7 years old now.

CX500 Comstar Wheels with Avon AM26 tyres

I'm taking the opportunity to spruce it up a bit, while riding around in the last of the warm weather on the SQ4.

I'm painting the ComStar wheels:

Painting CX500 motorcycle Comstar Wheel

I will also blacken the little 'Honda' logos that cover up the spoke to rim joints:

Honda Comstar Wheel Spoke Trim

This one was done with silicone:

Honda Comstar Wheel Spoke Trim

I've changed the fork seals:

Honda Motorcycle Front Fork Seal

I've replaced the torn gaiters with the original short covers:

Honda Motorcycle Front Fork

I'll polish up the fork legs a bit:

Honda Motorcycle Front Forks

I've acquired an original toolkit:

Honda CX500 Motorcycle Tool Kit

I've also acquired these little closing panels that fit in the back of the nose cowling:

Honda CX500 Motorcycle Nose Cowling Trim

I've repainted the handlebar clamp:

Honda CX500 Motorcycle Instrument Cluster

Now it looks like this:

Honda CX500 Motorcycle Instrument Cluster

This piece of tin covers the gap between the bevel drive and the wheel. It's got some black paint remaining on it:

Honda CX500 Motorcycle Final Drive

The wire wheel makes short work of that, with some etch primer and Rustoleum Satin Black:

Honda CX500 Motorcycle Final Drive Cover

That was a mistake, they appear to have been silver. Here goes:

Honda CX500 Motorcycle Final Drive

When I have finished this little lot, I will think about the cowl and the tank; then I will strip off the radiator and sort out the tacho drive.

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