Sunday, 31 May 2020

QR50 - that kickstarter again...

I'm sure this thing is going to follow me to my grave. Something as simple as a kickstart should be a five minute job shouldn't it? As you know, I've restored the splined shaft twice already which involved overlaying weld onto the shaft and making a dividing tool for the 31 tooth serrated shaft. It seemed to take ages.

So what now? the lever fitted didn't it? Well yes it did. But look:

Well OK, it's a bit bent. but that's not what I mean. Look here:

Try and kick it, and the foot pedal folds the wrong way - it's a right hand kick start lever.

Yet another job - a good lesson in buying a box of bits. You never know what you are getting - this has been more difficult than the SQ4 and much more difficult than the FH in terms of missing, broken or inappropriate parts so I guess, if we consider the expense of Ariel parts I guess I have been lucky.

Anyhow, not too difficult a job. First task is to centre punch and drill off that swage:

Now we can remove the foot pedal. We'll drill that pin for a screw later:

Here's the part of the lever that controls the way the pedal folds. We will need to fill that with weld using the TIG set and file up a mirror image:

Filling stuff with weld has become a bit of a speciality recently.

After a bit of filing, it now works as a left hand kickstart:

Here it is in both positions. The pedal is a bit bent, but we will fix that:

To retain the pedal, I have drilled and tapped for M6 in the end of the lever. The pedal is now retained with the original shakeproof and plain  washers by a large M6 set screw:

We'll paint it later, and put the rubber back on.

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