MZ TS250/1

So this is the latest addition, another eBay find. Tom & I bought this one together - I paid, he went & collected it - as a kind of joint project & a 'congratulations' for getting a promotion at work:

This is how the advert was worded:

1981 MZ TS250/1 Supa 5 restoration project or for spares.

Both tyres are useless and have punctures, the silencer has the usual case of MZ Rust Scabies, both tank panels have quite good chrome for an MZ but aren't perfect. The grey colour is primer and the general gunky condition is old Waxoyl put on years ago to try and help preserve it.
Engine kicks over freely and seems to have quite good compression, all gears seem to select - but it's not a runner and there's no Tax or MoT so please don't think you can ride it away. (It's happened!).
It has the correct front indicator lenses, sound speedo and tacho brackets and the rare-ish side stand plus a Rear lens and tool-box cover (no lock) come with it.
Originally bought by me (in this state) as a source of spares for my other Supa 5 back in 1994......and there it's sat ever since; and as my ride to work Supa 5 has long since gone this may as well follow it.
Interesting number plate? TEX 6**W
All in all a nice little project that just needs a little could have it running by the weekend (lol)!
Just to re-iterate this is a non-running project, with no Tax or MoT so you will need a van or trailer to take it away (I'm unable to deliver). We are near Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk.
Having said that, there is a possibility I could take to Beverley (near Hull) for collection from there on 23rd February - but it is only a possibility, so PLEASE contact me first before assuming it's going to happen!
Any queries, please email before bidding.

And here is another view:

Now that is it at home in my garage (another thing he has learnt - why put stuff in your own house when you could leave it at your Dad's?), I have to say it is a fine machine. The waxoyl the previous owner (I don't know his name) smeared all over it has made a great job of preserving the alloy and some of the chrome. It has apparently been standing in a garage for the past 20 years.

The rubber is shot to bits though. I was tempted to put some tyre sealant in the tyres just to move it around more easily, but on screwing the can onto the valve I found the valve completely detached from the tube!

It is doing a good job, at the moment, of filling up my spare time - a bit of painting here, a bit of cleaning there. Here is the latest picture:

Looking a bit better, with the red primer gone and the bent high bars replaced with MZ flat bars.

And with the tank painted, and the instruments & indicators wired up.

New tube fitted to the rear, so I can move it around. Twenty minutes work - these are so easy to maintain!

No more pics, but the new battery is now in and the front tyre has a new tube as well.

A couple of weeks later, fuel tap seals replaced, tank and carb cleaned out, new fuel line - it's alive:

Its now November 2014, and the summer has seen a lot of work on the Ariel. Tom is getting  married and having a baby next year, so it falls to me to get this MZ moving and make way for the Huntmaster resurrection.

So, stripping out the front wheel we can repaint the fork legs:

And we can repaint the front mudguard:

Moving on to the back end, the construction is very simple:

Stripped apart with two spanners (told you it was simple) we can look at the rear light:

and we can get ready to paint the mudguard:

and here it is:

All back together, MOT tested, and ready to go to a new home:

The MZ found a new home in Suffolk on the 30th April 2016. I rather miss it. Bring on the next one!


  1. Are you happy about the drum front brake when a later model would have afforded you a disc set up? Not sure if the disc is a big improvement or not though, myself.

    1. I think its ok - but then my other bikes are a SQ4, big heavy thing with a 7" drum, and my D1 which you have probably seen once or twice in forum posts & the blog etc. The MZ drum was very grabby initially, and I would be wary of it in the wet if i was to have another one.

      My lad has a TS125 in build at the minute - we'll see what that is like.

  2. Did yours come with the full tool kit inside the back of the seat, chap I bought some bits off said that the toolkit is often sought after.

    1. No - but I had the original pump. I made a toolkit up from bits and bobs I had laying around - nothing original though. I wished I had put a C spanner in it - the exhaust nut persistently shook itself loose several times!

  3. Thanks for your quick replies, I enjoyed reading about your rebuild.
    My only tiny little comment would be that it could have been longer and more detailed, but, having said that I'm well known for going too far the other way and losing readers quickly through boredom! Thanks.

  4. Hi,
    Well done! It looks great.

    A quick question from someone who hasn't much experience with restoring bikes. I've decided to repaint the mudguard of my old MZ but the result doesn't look great at all. Will have to sand it back down a bit and try to repaint. Do you usually go for brushed or spray the paint on? Do you maybe have any tips for getting good results (like yours) with brushes?