Friday, 26 July 2013

Preparing the Crankcases

This, as all you classic motorcycle fans will know, is a sump plate. It is extremely nasty - it is pitted, bent, and is about as flat as the surface of the moon.

I'm afraid it has to go in the bin, to be replaced by one of Drag's excellent new ones complete with drain plug and magnet. Theirs are flat, thicker and made of nice strong modern aluminium!
Here it is in place, trial fitted with the pick up pipe and the suction strainer. To the right of the timing side main bearing, you can see the riveted cover over the drain from the oil pressure relief valve.

You can also see in that picture that the oil pick up pipe bolt has been wire locked into place.
And unfortunately, that is where the picture record ends. My camera packed up, and now I have no record of actually assembling the cranks into the cases...

Until we get to here, which is just to record that I did close up those tab washers correctly! That's plumbers pipe cladding protecting the rods, by the way.


  1. Where did you get that sumpplate?

  2. Thanks for your comment. It's from Draganfly, part number 1521-52.

  3. I have a 1955 engine it does not have the riveted cover over the drain from the oil pressure relief valve or any sign of a drain there

  4. Hi Im building my dad's 49 MK1 alloy block was wondering if the cam bearing and bush are supposed to be a snug fit? I've had to put a spacer inside on the bearing end of the cam and there's quite a gap at the bush end. Does this matter? Cheers! Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew. It's a long time since I built this engine but I think the answer is that the camshaft is located axially by the gear - there are no thrust bearings to control the axial position.