Saturday, 29 November 2014

Another Four Miles

Well, I have had the timing cover off and the pump is solid, so I have stripped the relief valve to reseat it. Oil pressure after a four mile run today is much the same, as we await the new spring.

Still, she's running a treat and she looks lovely!

So to get my head around engineering behind the oil pressure regulator I need to confirm what size the ball seat is, i.e. the diameter of the oilway in the offside end of the front crank. The ball is 3/16", so the seat must be maybe 5/32"? I'm trying to understand what the spring rate would need to be for a given back pressure in the system.

For example, a 5/32" seat would give an area of 0.019 sq in. exposed to pressure, so a 1 lb spring would give me about 50 psi. My existing spring is not that heavy (its the original one, new one on the way) and, surprise surprise, does not achieve 50 psi on the gauge - thats assuming the valve is ever opened!

I plan to have a look and see if the regulator valve is used next time I run the engine, and I will have to find a way of calibrating the pressure gauge..

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