Monday, 24 November 2014

Latest trip

Well, a bit more news today, and a four mile trip around town. 

The fuel filter has gone back in the spares box to be replaced by a plain pipe and a gauze strainer in the carburettor banjo - all air locks now banished to the spares box along with the fuel filter. Apart from a very fast tickover, all seems well in the fuel department.

I've been looking at more loose ends. I had meant to look at the chain oiler screw in the primary case for a while, since the thread in the primary chain case was refusing to allow the oiler screw to pass through it. I measured it, found it was 2 BA and cleaned it out only to realise that the screw I had was just an old carburetter mixture screw and was way too short. This is what it is supposed to look like:

Thanks to Steve Clarke for this picture.

The clutch has seen some adjustment and a much better cleanup job on the splines. It's dragging a little, but a vast improvement over what I had. Changes whilst riding are noiseless - engaging first at a standstill is still noisy but much less so. By the time I had got back it seemed to have loosened up and needed adjusting again.

The electrics are all behaving themselves; the handling is also fine but as I have discovered before I need to keep an eye on the tyre pressures - 28 in the front and 24 in the rear seems to be about right, and the consensus of opinion canvassed on the splendid AOMCC forum.

I've re-torqued the head, as regular blog readers will know. Cold, the oil pressure is about 35 psi - but this dropped to about 10 psi with the engine hot, so do we think the relief valve could be due for a new spring? AOMCC wisdom suggests that the Morgo pump may have loosened off (thanks Mark) so we will have to have a look at that before the next trip. I will get a new spring for the relief valve as well. It's getting properly hot now, but the engine is quiet and I have no exhaust or oil leaks.

Looking forward to the next trip!

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