Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Engine Stand

I bought this engine stand from, via eBay. NewVu make parts for Harleys and other stainless bike parts, and they sell this through their eBay shop, trading as 'Uniwolves':

It's made of welded sheet and square hollow section, and features an L shaped frame with two wide feet, which can fit anywhere on the frame. The engine is held on two yokes which can be positioned anywhere on the frame. Yokes and feet are clamped in their chosen position with M10 hex head screws.

It's fully adjustable for different engine mount configuration, and goes to a maximum length of 350mm, maximum height of 230mm, and can accommodate a maximum lug width of 135mm .

Each yoke includes two machined screws which pass into the engine mounts, and are reduced and tapered to allow them to fit into smaller engine mount holes. You can screw them in independantly to suit offset mounts:

Here's the screw that fits into the engine mount.

Now, observant readers will have noticed that most of these pictures show a large crankcase from my Ariel Huntmaster.

Now, if you are building a smaller engine with no bottom mounts, such as this MZ125 engine or a Bantam engine, we have this nifty device which connects to the mounts at either end of the engine:

The jaws of this one are much less wide, but provide all the adjustment you will need:

Of course, there is nothing to stop you putting a gearbox in it, though the adjustment slot on the top of many Burman boxes means they are not held as rigidly as an engine:

Looks like a very nice piece of kit. I can't wait to start using it!

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