Sunday, 26 January 2020

QR50 - Dry Build

After the last instalment, things have moved on a bit. I found a Facebook Group on the QR50 and other mini dirt bikes, and hopefully I have a cylinder head on the way. Reaching out to an eBay seller found that in addition to the bits he was advertising, he also had an oil pump:

And he had the crankcase casting I needed:

I found a complete exhaust on FB as well, but as the seller wanted £100 for it I left that alone. I will either make something or buy something cheap until a real one comes along at a decent price.

Meanwhile, I am roughly assembling it to get an understanding of how it goes together. The suspension strut is in the wrong place...

Here's the frame spine and subframe in place. I realised at this point while wondering why I had two of the long engine mounting bolts that I was looking at a front wheel spindle:

This was a lightbulb moment. I knew the bracket at the top of the picture was the centre stand mount but what I hadn't realised is that it is also the location for the bottom of the suspension strut:

Right side up, from the rear:

The exhaust pipe will run around this gap at the back of the engine:

That's red poster paint. It washes off:

Here's a Honda Express generator. Legend has it that QR50s are based on Honda Express mechanicals. This is not true and goes to show that you should always check your part numbers, then go and check them again... This stator does not fit and cost me £34 - however, it looks like the CDI sensor coil will be OK if I use the old generator coil and stator casting. Shame that both of them are broken...

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