Monday, 13 January 2020

CX500 - Fixing wiring...

There have been a few posts on the CX500 recently, and hardly anything on my Ariels. The W/NG is on holiday with my son; the FH is waiting time and the SQ4 is running around Norfolk as the daily rider since I fixed it's clutch.

After it's test run, where we found a starting problem and non-functioning tail lights it has been back in the workshop for this mess to be fixed:

Most of this is damage to several splices in the main harness, visible as black dots in the wiring diagram:

To get access to this, I have removed the tank and the headlamp cowl. This has let me strip the harness covering back to get good access to the damage:

Stripping the conductor insulation, the copper is too corroded for soldering so the splices will have to be crimped. This is why I always build a new harness for my ground-up restorations:

Repairing the splices is not a huge problem - just crimps and heat shrink sleeving:

I've re-covered the harness with split sleeving for the movement, which is easy to re-open if there are more faults that are going to emerge. We shall see.

Since I have the front end apart I have had the chance to align the cable and harness routing with the drawings in the manual:

Honda manuals are excellent for this. This diagram shows the brake hoses and other cables:

This one shows the engine and battery wiring:

Secondly, I have repainted the headlamp cowl using RS Paints Honda Helios red:

This isn't cheap, but it is excellent paint.

I've also repainted some of the black components in the area:

I masked up the idiot lights - they are glued in place at the factory:

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