Sunday, 19 January 2020

Badge Repair

Motorcycle badges are often held in place with clips over posts, plastic, die cast zinc or otherwise and they are often quite weak. Removing the clips with a Dremel often helps but sometimes you find the badges already broken.

This badge from the front of the CX500 is a typical example. This time, I chose to glue two M3 screw to the back of the badge and retain them in place with nuts and Loctite 243. The badge is fixed to the screws with Araldite 5 minute Metal adhesive.

I prepared the badge by drilling out the broken posts with a 6 mm twist drill.

The screws were held during setting with this simple wooden jig, drilled with 3 mm holes at the proper pitch for the badge. This guaranteed the screws would be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the badge:

I modified the screw heads using the lathe to match the 118 degree included angle of the 6 mm drill, to maximise the contact with the badge:

The CX is back together now and starting to look a bit more presentable:

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