Friday, 31 January 2020

QR50 - Stripping the wheels

The QR50 wheels, like everything else, are covered in red paint. And black paint, and silver paint. The tyres say "Made in Japan", so may be original - they are certainly very hard.

They are however straight, which is a bonus. Someone has cut a chunk out of the rear tyre, so I can use the side cutters to release it:

The rear tyre has silver paint under the black paint, which looks professionally applied. This is something of a mystery since the wheels on most of the early QR50s I have seen are gold.

This is the front one, after a similar tyre removal experience. In this case, I cut the tyre on the bandsaw and promptly found it was full of Slime puncture sealant, which went everywhere and is very sticky.

It also has a 14" tube stuffed in it, which is all bunched up around the valve...

There is gold paint under the black, however. We'll strip the paint off next.

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