Friday, 31 January 2020

QR50 - Turning a corner

I've spent most of my time recently cleaning up mucky QR50 bits and yesterday evening was no exception. I had a few hours spare and a new set of wire brushes from MachineMart:
I set these up in my flexible drive and attached it to the pillar drill, and with the frame in the vice took all the paint off. The set is quite useful in that there are several sizes to get in all the nooks and crannies:

The big wheel deals with most of it. This is much easier than using a wire brush in the angle grinder, but less easy than the bench grinder. Horses for courses.

Two and a half hours later and the main frame spine is done:

Before I painted it, I straightened out the damage to the oil filler neck:

I used a piece of 22 mm bar, the gas torch and a 17 mm socket to get this round again. I have to make a cap to fit in the hole...

It took more time to shake the rattle can than to get some primer on the frame. In this marine environment, it doesn't take long for rust to set in:

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