Tuesday, 9 June 2020

QR50 - assembling the forks

We are approaching assembly time on the QR50 build now, and it will be nice to get it off the bench and to get back onto the Huntmaster. It's been fun and it will be a smart little bike from which I have learned a lot, but I have too many projects at the moment and I want to see the Grandchildren riding this one.

So, while I wait for the gasket set, and for some time to start on the tinware let's assemble the front end. I've used the hone I made to clean the paint out of the yokes, and I use an M8 bolt and a bit of sheet metal to open the clamps a bit, so I can slide the new stanchions in. This is simple, though the balance on the bench is now a bit front-heavy. I hang a big weight on the back.

Looking at my handiwork I notice that the top yoke hits the oil filler - so that was why it was dented on both sides. If you look at this picture, you will see the reason - the steering stop is bent out of the way:

That's easily fixed with an adjustable spanner.

Next, I can assemble the front brake and put the wheel on. It looks great.

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