Wednesday, 3 June 2020

QR50 - Wheels

In common with a lot of this bike, the wheels were a right old state. Not only were they covered in the ubiquitous red paint:

... but the tyres were rock hard and both had to be cut off. Not that unusual for an old machine and I have indeed cut a few tyres off in my time:

What I hadn't seen before was this - it is a 14" tube folded up in a space where a 10" tube should be:

Stripping the wheels involved the usual hours with the wire wheels, followed by some U-Pol etch primer. The brake drums are masked off:

And then some U-Pol wheel silver:

And a couple of new tyres and tubes from eBay:

A brief period of struggling ensued, during which there was loud swearing and quiet persuasion according to the stage of the process we had reached, and then it was done:

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