Saturday, 29 September 2012

Dismantle, degrease, polish...

Well, I've set about polishing the timing cover, but no pictures! I've decided that I need to find some abrasive wheels to tackle the timing cover since, as you can see from the pictures it is quite discoloured & needs more grief than I can give it with a sisal mop!

So, I have moved on to the removal and resurrection of the Lucas C35SD dynamo. No problem getting it off, but I had noticed a while back that the commutator was full of fluff, leaves and oil. I had assumed that this was down to the fact that the end cover was in a bag with a lot of other parts, and not on the dynamo!
I'd bought a puller as part of the toolkit crusade, and so removing the sprocket was no problem. As we noticed a day or two ago, the nut was missing and the puller screws right on. You undo the nut you can see behind the puller, extract the sprocket, and the dynamo is then held only by the clamp.
So here it is, some hours later after dismantling & scrubbing with a small brush & white spirit. All the major parts are in good shape, with the exception of the oil seal which is completely cratered - it is now obvious why the thing is full of oil. The disrtbutor retaining screw is noticaebly bent, and is 1/4" BSF - not what I would have expected in a soft ally casting.

Here's a close up of some of the smaller parts. No wear or other nasties apparent.

Next job, when everything is finally clean enough, is to check out the field coils, the armature, and the bearings. The data is all contained in the handy instruction manual, so no problems there. We can then reassemble and do a motoring test before refinishing.
Next though, after a few days real work, we will probably get the abrasives out and finish the timing cover.

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