Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Time for a list.

I'm getting confused, there seems to be a lot of stuff going on, lots of bits laying about, lots of work faces.
Whenever life gets like this, I like to make a list to get my head around where I am.

So the engine is more or less apart:
  • the crankcases are dismantled & roughly cleaned - the oil pick up pipe is still in, the bushes & bearings are still on. The dynamo strap is off and needs replating; the timing side bushes are still in tolerance but are flaking, so will have to be replaced. Either Bernard Ashpole or Colin Reed Apsley will do this for me. The roller bearings look good but will be replaced anyway. The camshaft bush is in tolerance but will be replaced; then there is the question of whether I polish the crankcases. I kind of like the contrast between the polished timing cover and the faded grey cases.
  • then there is the question of modifications - the Morgo gear pump, the camshaft spraybar, the valve stem seals, and the oil filter.
    • I'm thinking that the additional flow from the Morgo pump will let me flow more oil to the rocker box and down onto the camshaft, rendering the spraybar superfluous. The valve stem oil seals will help avoid that extra oil going down the valve guides. The pump will also keep the oil to those far-off journals flowing at sufficient pressure
    • The oil filter is a must to avoid the sludge traps filling up;
    • The oil cooler seems inappropriate since club wisdom suggest that the oil will not get warm enough anyway, and the cooler will not be used. The more onerous issue seems to be to get the engine heat into the oil in the first place.
  • the camshaft shows a small amount of wear on the peaks; the journal for the crankcase bush is wearing unevenly and is on the low side of acceptability. We'll probably get this reground and make a bush to suit.
  • the front crankshaft has been cleaned and a preliminary clean performed on the oil ways. The big ends refuse to be shifted - I am waiting for a thin wall socket to get them apart. The timing side journal is within tolerance and is in good shape. No.1 big end rocks a lot more than No.4; No.1 little end bush is out of position - it's protruding beyond the rod eye and the oil hole is misaligned.
  • the rear crankshaft is waiting attention; the timing side journal is within tolerance and is in good shape.

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