Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Shiny things!

Well, several small jobs going on at the moment. I'm filling in while waiting for the engine to come back. I've been looking at cables, brake light switches, the gearbox, the mudguards and the wheels.

I guess that is quite a bit really.

I've finished polishing up the brake bake plate. This is now assembled with the help of some lithium grease - not suitable for high-temperature disc brakes, but perfectly adequate for sparing use on the moving parts of a drum brake. It has a new brake arm spring and adjuster, both courtesy of Draganfly.

The plate eventually came up nicely, after an hour or two on the abrasive wheels and the polishing mops:

You will see that I have left the brake anchor slot free of that nasty little aluminium closing plate, and I have sprayed the brake arm blake. There was no evidence of any plating on this original part, and i have seen them black painted in my reference pictures, so black it is.

This is now back on the bike, looking a bit better than it did a few months ago:

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