Friday, 23 August 2013

Amelia wakes from slumber

Well, she's not running yet, but she is rolling again. I'm posting today because I'm thrilled with how she is coming on...

See for yourselves:

Here's the first picture I have of her in a garden:

Here's the first picture I took of her in our garden:

And here she is today:

and the drive side:

And today I have received a very nice seat from Drags!


  1. This should make my questions a bit easier to get to. Anyways, hows your bike coming along? I've got my dads down to the frame and am in the process of cleaning up from the tear down. What I did is I put all the little parts into plastic baggies and separated them by where they go on the bike, the bigger components such as the clutch I actually semi reassembled after removing. Right now I'm just cleaning up all the parts as they are. I think I'm going to start the rebuild with the Gear box while waiting on painting the frame. So far I know the bike has been painted at least three different color schemes. Copper was what my dad put on it when the racing paint needed repair, the racing paint was candy apple red, and under that is a rather confusing purple and metallic blue over silver paint scheme I can't make much of. We're saving money to get the paint job, my dad wants to just get some spray paint cans but neither me nor my mom are going to accept that, I've discussed Powder Coat and also Baked Enamel like what is on older signs and stoves with him and my mom is suggesting auto paint with a high strength clear coat, I'm not going to begin sanding the frame until we've reached a consensus though which is why I asked you earlier which one you'd recommend for long lasting durability. I know I'm going to insist on highlighting the frame number with a different color that stands out yet looks good with the rest of the paint to paint the frame numbers with even if I have to do it myself with a hobby brush, that way when people want to ID the bike later it will be easier to note that the frame is a 47 even though the rest is from a 48.

  2. Out of curiosity on these kind of front forks, have you ever seen a front light mount that wasn't cast or attached to the top housing of the forks? The forks on the 48 look unaltered but have no mounting bracket for the light on them at all it's just a smooth conical shell that the handlebar bracket mounts to on the top. Every picture I've seen of the forks shows the bracket protruding from the shell as it it was molded onto it but no matter how hard I look even on the inside of the shells I have I don't see any sign of them being altered.

  3. According to the Draganfly List (List 15), only the HT has fork shrouds without headlamp ears. I have some pictures of original 49 & 50 Ariels which all have ears on the fork shrouds. You might have to strip the paint off to see if your shrouds originall had ears - have they been repainted? I am sure you don't want to remove original paint!