Thursday, 8 August 2013

Pretty Pretty?

As you will have seen from the recent post 'Phase 2 and wheels', we had left the tank and wheels with John Spurgeon at Aerographics in Horsford, near Norwich.

Well, they are back and what a picture! the tank is like new:

The tank has been blasted and is sound. there is some brass filler from the factory but no corrosion or dents. It has been etch primed, coated in Damask Red two-pack and the lining applied in accordance with some information from the Danish Ariel club website, originally supplied by Draganfly:

I provided the tank to John with the rubbers and badges fitted, and he used these dimensions as a guide to where the lining had to go and what line thickness & spacing were to be applied. As we agreed, he used a little artistic license to get the lines flowing in the right directions around the fixed components and the result, as I'm sure you will agree was very successful.

And as for the wheels:

As you will recall, these were left unpolished by the platers, so that they were plated directly onto blasted steel. The edges of the rims were masked off and the centres etch primed, and had to be filled & rubbed back smooth - the blasted surface was a little rougher than expected. Then followed the two-pack Damask Red gold lining and several coats of lacquer.

Here is a shot of John Spurgeon in his workshop, an area he uses for preparation, spraying base colours & lacquer:

And here is the other half of their shop. This area is used for finer finishing artwork, lining etc:

I'll be back there again for painting on my next project.

And here it is, back on the bike. It's not as pink as it looks in this shot:

A bit more fetching than the last time I took a 'whole bike' picture:

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